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Any interest?

Eunoia, Sep 6, 13 12:07 PM.
Who's up for another treasure hunt? And what prizes would you want? Gold? In game pet? Blizz store pet?

Let me know! <3

New foods in 5.4

Eunoia, Sep 6, 13 6:21 AM.
FYI for all those interested , these will now be the raid foods used when patch 5.4 comes. At present time the "aged" ingrediants only drop from rares and the "fresh" ingrediants, can be picked up from Vale but have a freshness timer of 2 hours. All in all though i think food gathering will be easier.

Also there is a noodle cart people can use - like a banquet. So nice, that there is more than 1 300 stat food!! <3

Heres a link anyways

And i would just like to remind people that we all contribute for food and flasks as a guild! Please don't be selfish - we aren't!

Lei Shen :) Grats guys.

Eunoia, Aug 28, 13 10:32 AM.


Eunoia, Aug 28, 13 10:30 AM.
So a huge congratulations to everyone involved in getting 12/12 ToT! Awesome work guys, so proud of us all. and many thanks to everyone who helped along the way. 

Heres some of the pics Tortos onwards, of our achievments! 

Guild Tabard Competition

Eunoia, Jun 4, 13 2:21 PM.
Competition has launched. 

Please see  HERE For details!
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